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Valentine's Day Gifts
Remy and Stephanie had been good friends for a few months, and with Valentine's Day approaching, Remy thought about getting her something nice. But he did not know what to get her. 

On Sunday, he went down into town and went into the nearest drug store. He looked around to see what they had and what might be nice. He looked at the Valentine's Day cards. He found one that looked nice and decided to get her one. Out of the corner of Remy's eye, he spied a shelf of scented candles, and in a flash remembered that Stephanie liked scented candles. With the money he had saved, he purchased the card and a rose-scented candle. Remy suddenly became nervous. He started thinking, 'Do I really want to do this?' and 'What if I don't see her?' He tried to push such thoughts away as he headed for home.

Finally, Wednesday came. Valentine's Day. Remy was feeling tense all morning. After lunch, he went into the school library where he first met her and, sure enough, she was there. He thought about backing up, but knew he had come too far. Stephanie spotted him and invited him over. Remy's heart pounded. He took a deep breath and walked towards her. After talking with her for a few minutes, he was able to calm himself.
Soon Remy found the courage to pull out his gifts for her. 

"I, uh," he said, "bought these for you. For Valentine's." 

Stephanie was surprised. "You got those for me?!" 

Remy blushed and handed her the card and scented candle. 

She sniffed the candle. "Roses!" Stephanie quivered with joy. Without warning, she jumped up and pressed her soft lips against his cheek. "Your'e such a sweetheart," she said happily. "Thank you."

Remy was as red as a fire-engine. It took him a moment to find his words. "I'm glad you like them," he smiled.

When the bell rang and Stephanie said good-bye, Remy just stood there. He was still completely taken by the kiss. After Stephanie disappeared down the hallway, Remy turned and went back to class. All he could think about was her reaction to his gifts. He felt so happy. Soon he came to realize the inevitable truth and consequences for his actions: he was in love. 
SS Normandie
The French liner Normandie was one of the largest and fastest liners of the 1930's. 

She was built in Saint-Nazaire, France and launched on October 29, 1932. She was 1,029 ft. long, 117 ft. wide and had 12 decks. Her interiors were fitted with some of the finest art of the time. 

Normandie departed on her maiden voyage on May 29, 1935, commanded by Captain Rene Pugnet. She reached New York on June 2, in a record-breaking four days and three hours, earning her the Blue Ribband. 

Despite her elegant design, lavish interiors and triumphant maiden voyage, the Normandie was not a very popular ship. Her passenger space was devoted mostly to first class and less space was given to second and third class. Her rival, RMS Queen Mary, had as much space on second and third class as her fist class accommodations and became much more popular. 

With the outbreak of the Second World War, the Queen Mary (along with the Queen Elizabeth) were refitted into troopships. Five days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the US Coast Guard took possession of the Normandie. President Roosevelt approved her transfer to the US Navy. She was to be painted grey and serve as a troopship. She was also renamed the USS Lafayette. 

On February 9, 1942, while being fitted for war, sparks from a welding torch ignited a stack of life jackets  filled with flammable kapok. The fire spread quickly. Soon the entire ship was ablaze. 

As firefighters on the shore and in fireboats tried to put out the blaze, the weight from all the water pumped into her hull caused a list to port. The Lafayette eventually wallowed onto her side and capsized to the point of no return.

In August of 1943, after lying ruined in her New York Pier for over a year, the Lafayette was stripped of her superstucture and righted. Her hull was towed to dry dock and was considered to be refitted as an aircraft and transport ferry. However, heavy damage, deterioration and the cost of her restoration had been determined too great. The Lafayette was removed from the Naval Vessel Register in October 1945 and sold for scrap in September 1946. 
Remy's Winter Coat
Note: This was an idea inspired by FreyFox and Dana Simpson of 'Ozzie and Millie.' 

Remy was meeting his friends, Kyle and Scott, down by his bus stop. It was mostly sunny that morning, but it was very cold. An Arctic wind had blown in the previous night and made the ground very icy. Remy didn't mind the cold, except that it was making his fur stand on end and fluff out. This made it difficult to put his jacket on and even walk. It was pretty embarrassing for him, but not as embarrassing when he caught up at the bus stop. 

Kyle and Scott snickered when they saw him waddling towards them. "What happened? You look kinda like a pin cushion," laughed Kyle. Remy sighed. "I can't help it, I always fluff out when it gets too cold."

"I'd say so," said Scott. "But don't worry, you'll be inside most of the day anyway." 

Remy sighed again. "I can barely put my arms down."

When the bus arrived, they asked if he wanted them to help him board. Remy declined. Once inside, the warmth of the bus helped him a little and his fur settled back down. 

For now, anyway. 
MV Wilhelm Gustloff
Take the number of casualties of the RMS Titanic, RMS Lusitania, and USS Arizona, add them up and then multiply by three. This is the estimated number of casualties who perished in this horrific disaster at the end of the Second World War. 

The German cruise liner Wilhelm Gustloff was launched May 5, 1937 at the Blohm and Voss shipyards in Hamburg, Germany. She was named after the leader of the Nazi Party's Swiss branch, who had been recently assassinated.

The Gustloff was 684 ft. long and 77 ft. wide, with a gross tonnage of 25,484 tons.

Her purposes were to provide Germans with cruises, concerts, holiday trips and other uses. 

when war broke out in 1939, the Gustloff was brought into military service and from September 1939, to November 1940, served as a hospital ship. On November 20, she was repainted grey and used as an accommodations ship for approximately 1,000 u-boat trainees of the Second Submarine Training Division in the port of Gotenhaften (now Gdynia) near Danzig. There she sat in dock for over four years until she was put back into service to transport civilians and military personnel during Operation Hannibal. 

On January 30, 1945, the Wilhelm Gustloff departed Gotenhaften at 12:30 pm, accompanied by the liner Hansa. 

There were four captains commanding her this voyage. There were also 373 female auxiliary helpers, 162 wounded soldiers, and 8,956 civilians. 

With an estimated total of 10,582 aboard, the Wilhelm Gustloff was carrying four times her capacity. Passengers crammed together in staterooms, lounges, and holds. The swimming pool had been drained to make room for cots to be set up. 

The Gustloff arrived on the open seas of the Baltic at around 3:00 pm. She will arrive in Kielv the following day. Lieutenant Commander Wilhelm Zahn and the other captains argue with one another over which course to take. They can take the route that is closer to shore, but would involve risking mines. They agree on taking the fastest route, which is Emergency Route 58. 

That evening, the Soviet submarine S-13 spots the Gustloff in the distance and pursues her. Two hours later, the sub catches up tot he Gustloff and loops around her stern. She than fires four torpedoes. The fourth gets jammed in the tube while the other three strike the Gustloff on her port side. The first struck the bow, near the crews quarters. The second below were the swimming pool was located. The third struck the engine room, disabling all power and communications. Panicked passengers tried to make there way up to the boat deck, but the ships overcrowded corridors and stairways prevented them from accessing. The air temperature was only twenty degrees and the lifeboats were stuck frozen to their davits and had to be broken free. Twenty minutes after the torpedoes struck, the Gustloff listed severely to port. Lifeboats on the starboard side slammed inward, destroying several of them.

Just 62 minutes after being struck, the Wilhelm Gustloff sank to the bottom of the Baltic in just 144 ft. of water. 

A total of just 966 survivors were rescued from the water by a fleet of torpedo boats and mine sweepers, including all four captains. But an estimated total of 9,343 other people perished in the sinking. More than 5,000 of these were children. 

Just four months after the sinking, the war in Europe had ended. But despite the loss of life being on such an enormous scale, the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff barely left a foot note in history. 

The sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff became the worst maritime disaster involving a single vessel, and yet the story of her tragic end was nearly completely forgotten. 
It has not exactly been the best week for me or even quite a few people in the U.S. 

First there was the horrific shootings in Las Vegas that left over fifty people killed and hundreds more injured. The gunman was killed, but they are still trying to figure out his motive. I find it really sad and terrifying that more people these days are snapping and going on violent rampages, trying to kill as many people as they can and than take their own lives if the police don't down them first. 
And everytime something like this happens, the aftermath is always the same. We cry over victims, have candle-light vigils, hold moments of silence for the slain and discuss issues of gun-control on the news or on social media. Then, as soon as our emotional wounds start to heal and we try to let it pass, it happens all over again. It is becoming a ubiquitous thing nowadays. People are looking over their shoulders all the time, fearing that the next rampage could happen wherever they are. But all we can do is just get on with ourselves. 

Second one of my favorite singers, Tom Petty, passed away after going into cardiac arrest. When I heard about it on Yahoo and later the news, I was in total disbelief. It happened so fast. Even my father, who was a big Tom Petty fan, was incredulous. But all I can do is remember Petty and all the awesome music he gave us. I will miss him a lot. :( (Sad) 

Third, these last few days I have been sick with a strep throat and sinus infection. After two nights of insomnia. No, I disagree! It just gets better all the time for me. But I am recovering well, and will be over it entirely soon. 

I hope for better days ahead. Pray 


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Ryan E. McBride
United States
Favorite music genre: Classic Rock

Favorite Animals: red fox, river otter, dolphin and many others.

Other hobbies: ships and cars.

Plays: keyboards


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Curious question: have you ever considered drawing the PS General Slocum? The General Slocum was a paddlewheel excursion steamer based in New York City at the turn of the 20th century that was involved in one of America's worst maritime disasters on June 15th, 1904. She had been chartered for the day by the St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Little Germany, Manhattan, for their annual picnic trip. Disaster struck shortly after she sailed when a fire broke out in the ship's lamp room, possibly caused by a cigarette or match. The room was filled with flammable material such as oil-drenched rags and lamp oil, which only helped the fire grow. It was first observed after 10:00 A. M., and the situation was made even worse by the appalling lack of care for safety and maintenance by the Slocum's owners, the Knickerbocker Steamship Company. The Slocum was 14 years old and none of her safety equipment had received any kind of upgrade or maintenance since her first day of service. The crew's attempts to fight the fire were all in naught as the ship's fire hoses had long since rotted out, sprouting holes and falling apart when the crew tried to use them. The lifeboats were completely inaccessible, as they had been tied down-some saying they'd even been wired in place making them impossible to launch. The life preservers provided next to no help as they had hung up for 13 years with no protection from the elements, allowing them to rot and deteriorate. Passengers who tried to use them found that many of them literally fell apart in their hands, or that when they tried to jump into the waters they wound up sinking instead of floating. And to compound things further, the Slocum's crew had never practiced a fire drill previously. Many passengers burned to death, others sank when they tried jumping overboard due to the crappy life preservers and the fact that most of them did not know how to swim, and still others wound up getting churned up by the Slocum's still burning paddle wheels.

The Slocum's captain, William Van Schiack, made matters worse by choosing to continue on her scheduled course rather than attempting to ground her or stop the ship. He claimed that he was trying to prevent the raging fire from spreading to onshore buildings and oil tanks, but his decision to head dead-straight into crosswinds only helped strengthen the inferno. The General Slocum finally wound up grounding and sinking in shallow water off North Brother Island. By the time it was all over, 1,021 people were dead-the vast majority of them being the traveling picnickers, many of whom were women and children. It was the worst disaster in NYC history prior to 9/11, and remains the city's worst maritime disaster to this day. After the Slocum disaster, Captain Van Schiack (who went blind in one eye as a result of the fire), and several inspectors and staff of the Knickerbocker Steamship Company were put on trial for gross negligence and manslaughter in their disgraceful handling of the disaster and their total lack of care and attention for the safety equipment. Unfortunately only Captain Van Schiack was convicted, on the charge of criminal negligence. He was sentenced to 10 years but was pardoned in 1912 by President William Taft. The others charged were all acquitted, which is a damn shame and disgrace since it's clear to me by letting the fire hoses and life preservers go to shit, not training the crew for the situation, and keeping the lifeboats bolted down where they couldn't even be used, they did not give a damn about the safety of the people onboard, or at the very least they were extremely lax and lazy.

I'd love to see you draw the ill-fated excursion steamer as she is definitely one of the more horrendous and appalling maritime disasters in history. It's always struck me as beyond asinine and insanely neglectful how piss-poorly her owners did at taking care of her which only helped make a crisis much, much worse. And as I said, damn shame more people didn't get convicted for that. Plus I'm sure you've at least heard of her story before considering she's the worst maritime disaster in New York history (I do believe I've seen that you are from the state, yes?)...
Remyfox819 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2017
By the way, when you commented on my drawing of the Lusitania and told me that your great-grandfather immigrated to America aboard the Mauretania, I thought that was pretty cool. :)

I'm just sorry I didn't respond sooner. Sweating a little... 
Remyfox819 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2017
This one sounds really interesting. I've actually never even heard about this one. But I think I can do her up. 

And, yes, I am from the state of New York (though I used to live in Arizona). 
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